When reality takes you by surprise

Do you ever just stop and think about your life sometimes? Do you ever stop in fascination at what you’re experiencing? Sometimes, life takes me by surprise, and I think, “Holy shit, this is real.” 

On July 4, 2012, my life changed significantly. I had previously ended a stale, unproductive relationship. I was broken and being seemingly rescued too fast. I was very unsure what was to come for me, but I knew I wanted it to be different. 

And oh, has it been different. 

I find that I am finally paired with another person that is equally as excited and willing to work for this relationship as I am. Colloquially, I have “met my match,” in that I finally feel I’m in a relationship where the feelings, effort, time, and so on are all mutual. It mystifies me and encourages me on a daily basis.

But, this blog isn’t really intended to be boastful about how happy or lucky I am.

On a bit of a whim, I suggested to D that we either celebrate Easter (we’re both atheists) or our “9 month anniversary.” Anything less than a year is somewhat fun to acknowledge. We’re not one of those crazy couples that celebrates every month, but we celebrated six (a nice landmark), and there are really no celebratory holidays between January and July (aside from Valentines Day, I suppose). So, we decided to celebrate nine months, for fun. A few days before 4/4, D mentioned that he was planning a surprise. Unsure of what to expect, I was intrigued and considerably excited. 

D had that day off, and set up possibly one of the most extensive surprises I’ve ever been a part of. 

I got home to find a dish towel covering our coffee table. I figured something was beneath it, but it was left covered. D suggested I wash my hands (as I typically do when I get home from work). Behind the faucet, I found a metallic silver egg. (hehe) I was instructed to open it, and inside I found a die and a card to organize my “clues.” D unveiled what was on the coffee table – a set up of a board game we’ve played called the Legend of Drizzt. It’s a D&D game, and it’s actually really fun! So, I was given my “hero,” and a monster was summoned. ImageThe game set up looked like this. My hero first opened the treasure chest (on the left), and found a clue that said “13, tea pot.” I got up and looked in the teapot and found this: 

ImageIt was a necklace with our initials, L & D, and the date we started officially dating. D named it the “Amulet of Anniversary,” and it was my “weapon” to continue on in the game. With this weapon, I got to fight a big ugly green monster, pictured here: 

ImageI took him out quickly thanks to a lucky roll on a d20, and was given the last clue. The “clues” were numbers, and I was able to open that combination lock. The box was the Treasure of Feral Blackheart. Because I defeated the monster, the treasure was mine! And, here’s what was inside: 

ImageIt’s a black diamond promise ring. It is so beautiful in person – even prettier than in this picture. I never expected something quite so elaborate and thoughtful. 

I love D with all my heart, and our relationship grows stronger every day. I can assuredly say I’ve never been happier. Each time I stop and think, “Holy hell…this is all real,” I have such a good reason to be surprised, and thankful. 

This I promise you – you will always be my treasure. ❤ 





~ by ladybugblogger on April 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “When reality takes you by surprise”

  1. This is so very sweet!

    I love that you have found your match, and that y’all are so happy together.
    (your ring is gorgeous!)

  2. I love this more than words can say! I’m so very happy for you ❤

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